A Gift and a Curse

There seems to be no immunity from this Brave New World. For all the wonders technology has brought us, it has also ushered in a time of unprecedented apathy and human isolation. We’re becoming not only detached from others but disengaged from ourselves. Reality need not apply.
I remember years ago, I’m downtown Chicago on my way to the train station after class. I’m at the corner about to cross the street and for a moment, it’s like waking from The Matrix and looking through a glass into another reality. Everyone, I mean almost everyone, has a cell phone to their ear or is staring down at one in their hand. Surreal doesn’t adequately describe the scene. Think, a sci-fi horror film come to life.
8 years later and its only gotten worse. Technology is the Monkey’s Paw; a gift and a curse that keeps on giving.


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