Thanksgiving: The Bonds of Family and Community


What does Thanksgiving mean? Is it about giving thanks for what we have or being generous enough to give to others? I guess it’s how we interpret the day. Most of us envision it as a day to spend together with family, friends or members of our community. We use the time to strengthen our bonds with those close to us, feasting around the dining room table and engaging in fellowship. Catching up on the ins and outs of our separate lives. A joining together for a moment before we reunite at the next holiday, even if that’s a year away. I’ll be with my family this year, giving thanks for having made it another go ’round. But my mind will never stray far from my readers and the stories I love to share with you. Read about the sometimes tenuous bonds of family and community in FIRE IN THE BLOOD. Download a complimentary copy on Amazon or other major online book retailers.


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