It takes a While to Write a Story

Well, at least one that you care about; and I care about all my stories. A month ago, I read a critique for one of my works-in-progress. The reviewer stated that she thought I was a good writer, but I never finished anything. She concluded with the words, believe in yourself.

It’s not that I don’t believe in myself. As a writer, most times I do. I spend days, months, many times years attempting to complete one story. Sometimes it works out, but most times it doesn’t. Out of all the writing advice from the greats and not so greats, one sentiment stays consistent; never give up. It’s best to write everyday, but even if by some reason (heaven’s forbid) I cannot write everyday, as soon as I can, I pick up the pen, poise my fingers over the keyboard and begin again.

So, my point? The thing I offer to other writers; what I try to remind myself of every time I consider giving up this thing I love (but feel the most frustrated about)? Never stop.

One, ten, or a hundred stories later I keep going with no guarantee of success; only the reward of doing something I love, even if the world doesn’t know it or I exist.