1. Talent Agent.





In the guide 25 Habits of Highly Successful Writers, the authors state that the first habit of a successful writer is believing he or she has talent and that they’re talented enough. But what is talent? Most believe it’s something you’re born with. Well, people are born with many things; physical beauty is a good example. It’s nothing earned. Nothing achieved. Just the luck of the draw. The genetic lottery. When you think about talent, as far as how many people use the word, it implies the same thing. I look at it another way. For example…


The dictionary defines the word talent as:

  • A special natural ability or aptitude.
  • A capacity for achievement or Success.


It define’s the word agent as:

  • A person or thing that acts or has the power to act.
  • A natural force or object producing or used or obtaining specific results.


What does this mean? For me it’s simple. I admire talent for what it is, and I believe that I have it (we all do to some degree). But I do not worship it. Because what is talent without action? So I strive to be a talent agent. I am a talent agent. A force moving through the universe, plucking ideas from wherever they dwell in my imagination and forming them into something tangible. I do this. Everyday. Even if I don’t add a word to a current work in progress or complete a manuscript. I do this whether I’m reading, conversing or writing. All these things combined provide the means to develop ideas into something more. That’s talent. It’s more than a special ability, it’s the ability to do.


I’d love to explore this topic in a later entry. Some time in the near future. But for now…back to writing.



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