Review: Heaven on Hell Island by Shea Swain


Without spoiling, I’ll offer this, the island is what the novel cuts most of its teeth on. That part of the book will keep you hooked. Even with its flaws, it’s still fun to read. But you won’t get a satisfying ending to the arc. In fact, the wrap up of that section of the book came off hurried. Again, it was as though she didn’t know how to close out the story. So, it seems like she decided to write another book within a book. The second half of the novel reads like the annoying house-guest that won’t leave. It devolves into the typical IRR tropes we’ve come to know (and for some of us loathe). Racism, conniving exes, disapproving family members, everyone related to the main couple now wanting to jump into their own IR romance, and let’s not forget, the most overused trope (begins with P and ends with a Y). That’s not really a spoiler, that’s pretty much what ninety-nine percent of IRR book culminates in. But just when we think Swain has thrown everything but the sink into this story…she drops in a humdinger at the end (presumably, a precursor to an upcoming sequel) that defies all levels of what the fuck. To put it in simple terms, it makes no sense, comes out of left-field, and completely unnecessary. I’ve used this expression before in a review, but no time has it been more on the mark: Leave well enough alone.

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