Review: Heaven on Hell Island by Shea Swain


As usual, I will start with the pros. The genre-crossing is a highlight of this book. Allow me to veer off into my soapbox for a minute, but I want to expand on this subject for a minute. Chalk this up to personal taste, but I tend to have an affinity for books that aren’t confined to the rigid parameters of whatever genre they’re being cataloged in. It seems that nowadays, authors tend to create stories for the purpose of fitting their work into a specific category to promote to a specific audience. It’s all about the sale. Which leaves little room for coloring outside the lines. So, anytime an author steps out of this paint by numbers kind of storytelling, I cannot help, but want them to win! Because that means more risk-taking in writing which could lead to more interesting stories down the pike. Anyway, soapbox concluded, back to the review.

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