IRR REVIEW: Crash by Pepper Pace

I won’t’ get into all my past criticisms of Pace’s work. I won’t devalue this work by doing that. But for Crash, I will state this, where Pace continues to falter is in the build-up to romance. She tends to sprint her characters to the finish line, instead of giving us a slow burn. Crash, though not as big a culprit as a previous Pepper Pace novel I’ve read, still suffers from an uneven pacing in the romantic elements of the story. Not to spoil, but the main characters seemed to have a steady build-up of something akin to friendship. But Pace allowed the story to devolve by not following through with that in an organic way that could lead to romance. For the sake of keeping the story shorter, she rushed to the goalpost. Given the dynamic and circumstances, the romanticism needed to blossom in a way that came across as authentic, but also sans smut. I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that Crash is smut (it’s not), but it’s also not very authentic and veered away from its strong foundation, once romanticism came into play.

Aside from that, I have some minor quibbles not worth mentioning in this review.

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