IRR REVIEW: Crash by Pepper Pace

Though Crash has its flaws, the growth in Pace’s writing is abundant in this book. When I began, I’m ashamed to admit that I found myself wondering whether she’d used a ghostwriter. The way this story is penned from the onset is so different from what I’ve read of her work in the past. From the non-stunted prose, richer vocabulary, flowable storytelling, if felt like I was in an alternate universe. One where Pepper Pace the author, was now Pace Pepper and giving us something we can feel.

Can I say it here and now? I was damn proud of Pepper. I’m not as astute a reader as some, nor am I a literary snob (at least I don’t try to be). But I am a tough customer when it comes to book critique. I call it like I see it and that’s not to say my opinions are widely shared or that I don’t contradict myself from time to time. But do know, I’ll never be fake in praise or criticism. If I like something, I like it and Ms. Pace, I liked this book.

Having stated the positives, it was not without its cons.

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