IRR Book Review: My Best Friend’s Wife series by Adrienne Ruvalcaba


Beautiful Beginnings


It is rare that a subsequent book, a prequel no less, could surpass the original. But I am happy to be proven wrong about continuing this series. What a pleasant surprise! This story had me so in my feels. I teared up a tad! Even with all of the technical jargon that made my head spin, it was so touching and absorbing.


What’s it about?

Beautiful Beginnings takes us back to how Max, Andie, and Derek met and how they became the people they are by the start of the first book. Max and Andie are young and struggling to get by, and both are feeling inadequate in relation to what they can give the other. Due to that and where the events of the first book lead, there’s a thread of melancholy that persists throughout the tale. By the end of Beginnings, there is clarity about their relationship and though it’s frustrating, it makes sense.


Why you should read this book

Some of the issues that nagged me in the first book, Ruvalcaba clears up. There were still a few typos here and there, but those were inconsequential to the overall impact of the story. The author continues her trend of keeping the story flowing with steady pacing. But the most powerful aspect of this story rests with the characters ; they are just so damn tangible and lovable with all their human imperfections. I am waiting with bated breath for the conclusion. Thankfully, I do not have to wait long. The final chapter in this story (The Endgame) just released. This series will be one to add to my collection. See my series review after I finish the final book.


My rating
I rarely give out five stars and this time is no exception, but it’s damn close for all the reasons I listed above. An in-my-feels 4.9


And now the conclusion, The Endgame


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