IRR Book Review: Gisele Walko

About a month ago, I decided to take on an IR romance reading challenge. The object is to read as many books as I can A-Z until the deadline. The only books that count are those I’ve reading this year, not ones I’ve read in previous years. So that leads me to a new author in this genre, Gisele Walko. So far I’ve read two books by this author, and I am really excited to share my reviews with you. She and another author have reinvigorated my writing spirit. Given me hope that one day, I can finally finish penning something of my own that I can be just as proud of. But let me not oversell here, her stories are not without flaws; however, out of the ones I’ve read so far, most are definitely worth your time and dollars. With that said, the following is the first of three reviews of Walko’s works. I begin with Ethan and Michelle. Check it out after the pause.


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